Original Glamping Hut

Original hut as seen from pavilion.

Original hut as seen from pavilion.

We bought the Wild Yough property back in 1994 when we were living in Boise, Idaho. Because both of our families still lived on the East Coast (Ligonier, PA and Dover, DE) we thought it would be nice to have some property in the area, which we could eventually build on. When Beth got an opportunity with a dot.com startup in Washington in 2000, we decided to make the move back east. We bought a home in Reston, VA and within the first 2 months, we put up this little shed so that we could enjoy our frequent weekends on the property in a bit more style.   I built the bed frame and we put a foam mattress on top.   There was a small kitchen area (just like in your Glamping hut), a set of shelves, and a small wood burning stove (hence the hole in the roof).   We salvaged some large pavers that someone threw out in our neighborhood in Reston and had a large stone patio out front.   We had to pack in all of our water, but that was fine with us. It was a really great place to get away from the city and it was the inspiration for the Glamping Huts, which we hope you are now enjoying.   After moving to Europe, the hut fell into disrepair. We had a lot of great times in this hut, but it has seen better days and the contractor who helped build the bath house advised us not to try and move it because it was no longer very stable. So, we had a friendly marital “discussion” over what to do with the hut.   I thought it would make a great summer bonfire and Beth thought it would make a nice playhouse/shelter for the Glampground.   As our guests, we’d like to hear your opinion.

A little rough on the interior.

A little rough on the interior.



We hope you enjoy your stay with us and have some wonderful days/nights in your glamping hut like we did in this one.


Your hosts –


Dan and Beth Glasstetter


Glamping Bus

Another inspiration – Glamping in the “Magic Bus” in Surrey, England.


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