Glamping Checklist

We strive to stock our Glamping Huts with everything that you need to have an enjoyable, carefree vacation on Mountaintop Maryland. Below is a list of everything that you’ll find when you check-in and items that we suggest you bring with you.

What to bring with you to have the best Glamping Experience:

Item Supplied Comments
Beds and blankets Yes 1 Double Bed and 1 fold-out couch (double). 2 comforters.
Sheets and Towels No Bring your own or contact Offlake Rentals to provide
Pillows Yes 4 pillows provided. Pillow cases NOT provided. Contact Offlake Rentals or bring your own.
Heater Yes Propane not provided. 1 small canister=6 hours heat.
Cook Top Yes 2 burner propane cook top, fire pit grill.  1 small propane canister provided.
Cooking Gear Yes Skillet, Pots, Strainers, Spatula, etc.
Place Settings for 4

(Stanley hut has 6)

Yes Plates, Bowls, Silverware, Cups, etc.
Cooler No Please bring a cooler or contact Offlake Rentals to provide.
Dinning Table Yes Indoor table and outdoor picnic table
Chairs Yes 2 dinning chairs, 2 porch chars, 2 fire pit chairs
Flashlight No* LED PowerLite can act as a flashlight, but you will want your Smartphone light if checking in after dark to access hut.
LED Lighting Yes LED PowerLite with charging station at bath house is the primary light provided.  Additional lights in huts.
Bathing Suit No Please bring a suit to swim in nearby Herrington Manor Lake…it’s got a great beach!

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