Glamping Checklist

We strive to stock our Glamping Huts with everything that you need to have an enjoyable, carefree vacation on Mountaintop Maryland. Below is a list of everything that you’ll find when you check-in and items that we suggest you bring with you.

What to bring with you to have the best Glamping Experience

Item Supplied Comments
Beds and blankets Yes 1 Double Bed and 1 fold-out couch (double). 2 comforters.
Sheets and Towels No Bring your own or contact Offlake Rentals to provide
Pillows Yes 4 pillows provided. Pillow cases NOT provided. Contact Offlake Rentals or bring your own.
Heater Yes Propane not provided. 1 small canister=6 hours heat.
Cook Top Yes 2 burner propane cook top, fire pit grill.  1 small propane canister provided.
Cooking Gear Yes Skillet, Pots, Strainers, Spatula, etc.
Place Settings for 4 Yes Plates, Bowls, Silverware, Cups, etc.
Cooler No Please bring a cooler or contact Offlake Rentals to provide.
Dinning Table Yes Indoor table and outdoor picnic table
Chairs Yes 2 dinning chairs, 2 porch chars, 2 fire pit chairs
Flashlight No Your Smartphone App works great for this.  There is LED lighting in hut.
Batteries No May need 3 AAA and 2 D batteries for LED lighting or contact Offlake Rental at check-in
Bathing Suit No Please bring a suit to swim in nearby Herrington Manor Lake…it’s got a great beach!

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