Rules and Regulations

Wow!  I have to admit that as I write the Rules and Regulations for Wild Yough, it comes across as a bit stodgy and almost as complicated as a rental agreement for iTunes.  It shouldn’t have to be this way, but unfortunately a few bad apples can ruin it for everyone and our insurance company requires that we detail out as much as possible.  It’s quite simple really.  Be careful.  Be courteous.  Tread lightly.  Clean up after yourself.  And have fun!!!!

Pets are welcome at Wild Yough!

  • There is a $25 fee per pet (per stay)
  • There is a limit of 2 dogs per Glamping Hut
  • Sorry, but our insurance will not allow Pit Bulls or other fighting breeds to be on the property.  We understand these breeds are generally good natured and friendly, but we are restricted by our insurance provider.
  • Dogs must be on a leash within sight of any Glamping Hut or the Bathhouse
  • Dogs may NOT be left unattended on the property.  This includes in the huts, tipi, or automobile.
  • Within sight of any Glamping Hut or the Bathhouse, dog waste must be picked up and properly disposed of  (buried or thrown in trash – not the firepits)

Quiet time in the Glamping area is from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM.

Exploring the more than 300 acres of Wild Yough should be at the top of your Glamping experience.  But please tread lightly and explore at your own risk.  It is a natural environment and Wild Yough is not responsible for accidents or injuries on the property or Glamping site.

Wild Yough Glamping Guests may not enter the property directly surrounding Wild Yough Villa.  This area is a separate, and privately rented property (see Offlake Rentals for availability).  Please respect all signs throughout the property.

Wild Yough seeks to be an eco-friendly Glampground.  Please separate your recyclable material and drop them at one of the many free recycling centers in Garrett County.  Your information book has a map to each location.  PLEASE DO NOT BURN TRASH in the firepits.  This will attract animals and leave an unpleasant smell for the next guests.

Please keep firepits tidy.  If ash buildup needs cleaned out, please let the rental manager know.   Do no place garbage in the firepits.

Bears are present in the woods surrounding Wild Yough!  Please keep all food securely contained inside of your Glamping Hut or vehicle.  A clean campsite doesn’t attract bears!

NO Hunting on Wild Yough Property

NO fires are permitted outside of provided campfire rings

NO Guns are to be discharged on Wild Yough Property

NO motorized vehicles are permitted on Wild Yough Property, nor the adjoining State Property.

NO smoking in huts, tipi, or bath house.  All butts must be disposed of as garbage and not tossed in the forest.  Cigarette butts have been found to be one of the most toxic types of pollution.  Please respect others when smoking at the pavilion.

Please return all furniture to covered pavilion and huts after use to protect it from weather.  This includes picnic tables at pavilion.

No blankets, bedding, or pillows may be removed from the Glamping huts/tipi.  Do NOT use these items around the firepit!  Cleaning fees will apply.

Please supervise children at all times when on Wild Yough property.  There are many adventures to be had on the property, but please remember it is a natural environment and we want everyone to enjoy it safely.

There are several tree stands with ladders throughout the property.  These are not for guest use and can be extremely dangerous.  No access is granted to these stands with your stay and any use will be considered trespassing.  This is for our insurance and your own safety.

There are also several animal feeders throughout the property.  Please do not venture under the feeders or touch the winch, cable system, nor barrels.  These feeders are extremely heavy and tampering with them could cause serious injury or death.  We will make every attempt to load the animal feeders for your wildlife viewing enjoyment, although operation is not guaranteed.

Firewood may be gathered from down trees/branches in the surrounding woods.  No chainsaws please.   Firewood is also available for purchase from Offlake Rentals at check-in.

NO nails or other fasteners which penetrate tree bark may be used to hang or fasten anything to trees or Glamping huts on Wild Yough property

Small Tents and rain tarps are permitted to be erected directly beside any Glamping Hut which is rented by the same occupants.  Additional guest fees apply.

Please keep Glamping Huts, bath house, pavilion and  common areas clean and tidy for the next guests.  See cleaning rules in each hut.

Please Note: In addition to our Rental Management company, Wild Yough has granted permission to the Maryland authorities to patrol our property.  This includes law enforcement and natural resource police.  These patrols are frequent, with the Wild Yough property being the only access to several large parcels of state property.  Please be respectful of these law enforcement patrols.  Maintenance crews may occasionally be found working the trails or patrolling the property.  These efforts are for your enjoyment and safety.  We apologize for any noise or disruption that these activities may cause.

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