Each hut is furnished with a double bed, additional seating/pullout bed, cabin cooking center with stove, dining table, LED lighting, and a propane heater.  Outside, each hut has comfortable chairs on the porch, a large picnic table, and a fire-ring/cooking grill with extra seating.  And all this is just a short walk to the bath house.  Every effort has been made to make Stanley accessible for disabled guests.  Please see our Amenities page for information on what else is available to our Glamping guests.  You can see additional photos (interior), check pricing, and make reservations for Stanley here.

Example interior - kitchen area and bed

Example interior – kitchen area and bed

Example interior - dining area

Example interior – dining area










Each of our huts is inspired by an adventure or special place to us.  Please read below for the inspiration of Glamping Hut Stanley.

This glamping hut is named after Stanley, Idaho, a small, isolated town about a three hour drive north of the state capital, Boise.   The town (less than 100 people) is surrounded by more than 7 million acres of wilderness – including the largest, contiguous roadless track in America outside of Alaska.  Stanley holds a special place for us as the primary supply stop on our many camping trips in the area.  The nearby Sawtooth Mountains form one of the most scenic backdrops anyone could ask for when hiking or camping. We also frequently canoed in the lakes and rivers of the region and one of our favorite life-memories was on a canoe trip in nearby Bear Creek.


It was early spring and one of the first opportunities to get up into the mountains after a very heavy winter.   The thaw had been very uneven that year, with periods of warmth mixed with fresh coatings of snow in the higher elevations.   This gave the alpine meadows which Bear Creek meanders through a chance to thaw and burst into brilliant colors of blooming wildflowers even while the surrounding mountains remained deep with snowpack.  Our timing was perfect because the week before our canoe and camping trip the temperature in the mountains spiked to 80 degrees, ushering a faster melt of the remaining snowpack.  With the additional runoff,  Bear Creek gently spilled over its banks into Bruce Meadows creating a spectacular, once in a lifetime opportunity for us.  It was an unforgettable experience paddling under brilliant warm blue skies, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and looking down through crystal clear waters at the wildflowers swaying gently in the current below the canoe.  We hope you enjoy your stay in “Stanley”!

Stanley, Idaho

Stanley, Idaho

2018 miles from Wild Yough Glamping Huts

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